A to Z Alpacas is located in Southern Alberta, Canada, between Brooks and Taber. We have a large number of high quality breeding males, bred females and Gelding males for sale. 
Alpacas are herd animals so we sell pairs only. This can mean a pair of geldings, a bred female and a gelding boy to keep company, or if you want to get into breeding you can start with a couple of bred girls and a breeding male (who will need a gelding friend and a separate pasture and shelter) 
Geldings (fixed males) 
$200 each
Bred Females
$300 each
Breeding Males
* Crias from 2018 are not included in the price. 
* All females have been exposed to a male all summer and are believed to be bred. However we don't guarantee live births or that the pregnancy will hold in transport. (although it should) 
* None of our alpacas come with registration papers
Please call and talk to Rod about purchasing alpacas :) 403-654-2810

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