Alpaca Fleece and Fibers

Alpaca fiber spins beautifully and is loved by many handspinners. Our fleeces are put through a process of blowing and tumbling to ensure the fibers are handspin ready. We currently have fleeces for sale but they aren't listed. So please contact me for raw fleeces. There is mostly just white and a few fawns left!

All of the alpaca fiber we offer is royal baby quality! We offer fleece, fibers, rovings, combed top, All 100% Alpaca! 

We also carry premium royal baby pencil roving and combed top!

Pencil Roving is the thinner of the two, and Combed Top is the thicker puffier kind:) We currently carry 5 natural shades of the pencil roving, 2 of the combed top and LOTS of hand dyed colors as well :) Our rovings are processed at the Exotic Fibers of Canada Mill in Inisfail. They do great work! 

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*Please note the items in the photos above may or may not still be available. Please visit my Etsy shop to see what is currently available. 

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