A to Z Alpacas is located in Southern Alberta, Canada, between Brooks and Taber. We have a large number of high quality breeding males, bred females and Gelding males for sale. 
Alpacas are herd animals so we sell pairs only. This can mean a pair of geldings, a bred female and a gelding boy to keep company, or if you want to get into breeding you can start with a couple of bred girls and a breeding male (who will need a gelding friend and a separate pasture and shelter) 
We offer a couple of different breeding packages to save you money. Offers valid from now until December 2017.
First decide if you would like to own alpacas for breeding or just for fun. If just for fun geldings are a great choice. We have many geldings (fixed males) for sale in a wide range of colors, personalities and sizes. Come pick out 2 for $350 or 3 for $450
If you want to have babies you can start with two bred females for $750 and receive a gelding male for companion for free. 
Or one bred female with a gelding boy for a companion for only $500 
If you decide to go into breeding we have breeding males for $500. These are very high quality herd sires that will help improve quality each time you breed. We only keep our best males intact. *most of our herdsires are white in color. 
Purchase 5 or more females and the price is only $300 each. And you can add a herdsire for only $300
* Crias from 2017 are not included in the price. 
* All females have been exposed to a male all summer and are believed to be bred. However we don't guarantee live births or that the pregnancy will hold in transport. (although it should) 
* None of our alpacas come with registration papers
Please call and talk to Rod about purchasing alpacas :) 403-654-2810

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